The Plan

Ok, so you want to live in another country, to become an expatriate.You have a dream that your life, or that of your children, will be better in a new, far distant location. What motivates such behavior?

Actually, people have many reasons for leaving their home country for a new destination. These can be placed in different categories. Here are some that I have heard from expatriates in Peru and the USA:

Economic: You have been told that good jobs are available or you believe that there is an opportunity to improve your financial situation. This is especially true of Peruvians wanting to go the the U.S. or Europe.

Romantic: You want to be with the one you love, even though you just met on the internet.

Health: the health system in X country is wonderful, much better and, perhaps, cheaper than your home country.

Education: the education system of your new country offers better opportunities for you and/or your children.

Retirement: it is a great place to retire, cheap and comfortable

The grass is greener: anything will be better than where I am.

Legal problems: You are on the run from the law.

It is likely that most people have one or more reasons for making the decision to become an expatriate. Our decisions on such a matter can be very complex.

If you are hiding out from the law, I am sorry, but I cannot help you. So far, I have been law abiding. I’m sure you can find someone else to help you.

Moving to another country can be a risky business. It is, in many respects, a leap into the unknown, often based on inaccurate or false information and beliefs. Many who do it, unfortunately, wind up being miserable. Perhaps they were not prepared for the new reality.

However, it can also be the fulfillment of a dream. It could be just what you looked for. So if you are contemplating becoming an expatriate, how can you be sure that this will be a dream experience and not a nightmare?

I wish I had a magic formula for success, something that comes in a bottle or a tablet that you can take. I do know that it is possible. I know people who have done it and I include myself in this group. This blog relates my experiences living in various places abroad, including 15 years most recently in Peru. Come along for the ride.

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