Don’t Bring an Umbrella

Don’t bring an umbrella to Lima at least not for rain.

You will probably need it in other parts of Peru, but it will sit forever in your closet here. If someone asks you to invest in an umbrella store, don’t do it. The same with raincoats, galoshes, rain hats and so on. Get the message!

Sand Dunes and Palm Trees

Flying into Lima from the south, if you look down, you will see sand dunes and palm trees. You might think you have been misdirected to the Middle East. Lima is a desert town in disguise.  In Barranco, I often see water trucks moving along spraying water on the sparse green areas that we have. Otherwise, I wonder if the plants and flowers would survive.


Buildings have a dustiness that comes from never having had a cleansing downpour. Those that are repainted soon have the patina of dusk back again. I was just watching a building on my street being painted a fresh white over the years of accumulated dust. At the same time, I was wondering how long it will take to return to its dusty self.   That dustiness is on the inside, too, covering walls and floors. We need to sweep every day.

I Yearn for Things I can’t Have

I am perverse. I yearn for things I can’t have. I’d like a good rain. Occasionally, we have a heavy mist called garua, but that just leaves dusty spots on our car. Rather than cleaning, it makes things messier.
It would be wonderful to once again hear the rain on the roof at night and to wake in the morning to the freshness of that cleansing downpour.

The Smell of a Good Rain

I remember nostalgically my days in Oregon and the smell after a good rain and the glistening. smiling flowers. Then I would curse the constant rain. Oh well, I am perverse.

In Lima, we don’t have the crispy dryness of Arizona or Southern California. Instead, it can be very muggy with humidity reaching almost 100% .

Whatever, you definitely don’t need that umbrella.

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