Arena: Walking My Master

I am Arena and I can tell you that dealing with humans is very frustrating. We dogs have a big challenge. Three times a day my master and I have a date to walk and I have to remind him it is time to go out. What is wrong with him?

It is tiresome going through the routine of staring at him, hoping he will get the message. Most of the time I have to go to a second stage alert by pushing at him with my nose. When that still doesn’t work, I go to my bed to sulk for a while before finally making enough noise so he wakes up.

Getting him to go outside is just the beginning. Our front lawn has many interesting smells, but he never lets me enjoy them. He pulls on the leash and off we go, even though I haven’t yet learned who is in the neighborhood.

Along the way, so many fascinating smells come up. I can tell that that beautiful Doberman stud has passed by and also my friend little Obi. So much to take in and so little time!

Then we meet other dogs. I hate females and need to show them who is boss. Unfortunately, my master doesn’t let me finish the job. He drags me away before I can teach those bitches a real lesson. When we meet a good-looking male, though, I do not get to enjoy the encounter. I only get to sniff around him a little and offer to play, but all too soon my master is dragging me away.

Every night we go out to watch the sun go down. Boring! I have to sit there while my master is looking at the horizon with his mouth open. Many interesting dogs and people pass us by, but we just stand there. One day I will get fed up and bite him on the leg. He deserves it.

This situation is bad, but I have a plan. I am training my master to let me sniff these delightful smells all around us, and he will just stand there. When I meet a beautiful male, my master will wait and allow me to enjoy the experience.  Every day I will resist a little more. I am weakening his will. I will grind him down. I know he will give in soon.

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