The Hamburger A Month Policy

Photo by Amirali Mirhashemian on Unsplash

 When I was working in California, I had an office near my favorite hamburger stand, In and Out Burgers. The burgers were delicious and I often went there for lunch. It was easy, quick and I fell into a  bad habit 

My wife is a dietitian. A good one. She prepares excellent food with lots of vegetables. My sneaking away to eat at In and Out was a mistake which I soon learned the hard way. 

My life changed when I moved to Peru. No more In ‘n Out. Although there were MacDonald’s and Burger King, I don’t like either one. At about the same time, I applied for health insurance in Peru and was denied. I was obese and my cholesterol was rising. This was a signal that something had to change. 

I also found a different style of eating in Peru. The main meal is lunch. At first, it was difficult to get off the burger diet. However, the benefits soon became apparent. I lost weight and soon my lab results were stellar. 

I was happy, but something was missing: the burger. 

I pondered the problem for some time. Then I decided that one hamburger a month wouldn’t do any damage. This is consistent with my wife’s philosophy. indulge in food fantasies as long as you have a  limit. I didn’twant to be on my death bed wishing I had eaten more burgers. 

But, this is a strange thing. It is scarcity that adds to enjoyment. When something is easily available, it becomes commonplace and thus not very exciting. If you have something you love, and you only have it once in a great while, then it is special. 

So I resolved to enjoy my one burger to the fullest, and it would be the best burger I could find.

It worked. I really enjoy that burger. I am satisfied and content to wait another month to enjoy my treat.  I no longer feel deprived. 

In fact, I was lucky. When I made my burger a month decision, several burger establishments started up with high quality products all within my budget.  Somehow I was in sinq with the universe for once. 

My advice to you: eat your vegetables and once a month go out and enjoy that delicious hamburger. 

One thought on “The Hamburger A Month Policy

  1. Where do you go for your burger in Lima? I like Bembo’s but then being British – I know next to nothing about artisanal hamburgers – went to another place on Plaza Salverry called Papacho’s and that was OK – it wasn’t bad but the best place was a take away/eat in place in Jesus Maria that served an amazing hamburgesa alo pobre – forgot the name but it was near Campo de Marte on the way to Avenida Brasil…

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