Lazy Days

Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

Here’s a riddle:

What do Barranco, a district of Lima, Peru, and Hawaii have in common? 

Most people would say nothing or very little. However, having lived in both places I can tell you that summer time in Barranco always brings memories of my time in Honolulu. 

Why is that?

It certainly has a lot to do with the ocean. In both places the ocean is a big presence. 

Most of my walks with my dogs in Barranco feature an ocean view while in Hawaii the sea is everywhere you look. 

Of course, both places are also known for surfing and beaches. 

As far as beaches are concerned, though, while Barranco is nice, Hawaii wins in that category hands down 

However, I think what really triggers those memories is the warm, humid weather. Even though the temperatures in either place don’t go that high, I feel that I weigh twenty pounds heavier in the summer. I walk, talk and think so much sloooower in the summer here in Barranco.  Sluggish would be the best word to describe my current condition. That happened to me in Hawaii, too. 

The problem with Hawaii, though, is that the weather is the same year round. Looking back, I’m amazed that I wasn’t fired from my job in Hawaii because of my slothful approach to life. 

 In Barranco, at least, we have a good six months of winter when it is cool, overcast, and I feel so much more energetic. 

When I first moved to Barranco, it was in the middle of the summer, and I couldn’t figure out what was wrong with me.  All I wanted to do in the afternoon was have a siesta after lunch. I initially thought it must be because I’m getting old.  

Then, I noticed that in the summer time my dogs, who love to go out and play in the park,  were standing around in the afternoons, panting, tongues hanging out,  Much earlier than  usual, they would start looking at me as though to say,

 “Hey, I’m hot and tired. Let’s go home, so I can have my siesta.”

 In the winter time, I can hardly drag them home. And that tells me that I’m not the only one who feels lazy on these warm and humid summer days. 

There is a saving grace to the heat and humidity. In Hawaii, the warm temperature is modified by a moist cooling breeze off the ocean in the afternoons. It is called a trade wind. What might otherwise be unsupportable is made quite pleasant by this breeze.

To my joy, I have found that quite often Barranco is blessed by the same breeze.  Also, when that breeze blows there is also a wonderful smell wafting off the flowers. Oh, how I welcome that wonderful cooling, perfumed breeze. 

So there are pleasures in the summer. And I do enjoy them. Just don’t ask me to do any  work in the afternoon. 

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