The Lucuuma Tree

We have a lucuma tree in front of our house. That is a great privilege and a problem.  I will tell you why later. Before coming to Peru, I had never heard of this tree and the fruit it bears.  The fruit is round with a thick skin and is about the size and color of a small green apple. Inside, the meat is a yellowish orange around a good-sized seed. The taste, which is unique and which I didn’t care for at first, is mildly sweet with a grainy texture. More than the taste, it was the texture that … Continue reading The Lucuuma Tree

Getting Around in Lima

THE PURPLE BUS In Lima, the buses have different colors. I often ride the purple buses. They take me to and from the part of Lima where I work. I’m unusual. Many people I know never ride the bus. It is just for poor people they say. I guess they feel uncomfortable with poor people. Or they don’t want to be identified as poor. I don’t care about any of that. Those who feel that way will take a taxi or drive their own car. I gave up driving long ago as too stressful and too expensive. Most of the time, I also ride in a taxi. But, reflecting … Continue reading Getting Around in Lima