Raising a Child in Peru

Note: I am an American expatriate living in Peru. Living in another culture offers the opportunity to see things from another angle. We have much to learn from each other. LP I have a student who is a successful businessman in Lima, Peru. He is a thoughtful, intelligent person. His work is important to him. Even more important  is his role as a father. His love for his son and his care for his boy’s upbringing has impressed me.  We meet two hours a week for an advanced conversation class in English. We  often talk about the raising of children, … Continue reading Raising a Child in Peru

Handyman Blues

“American men like to fix things. They love to do home repairs.” I was listening uncomfortably, glass in hand, to a know-it-all Brazilian lady who had lived in California for many years.  “Sure,” I told her, “many American men do love to tinker in the home.  Look at the great success of businesses like Home Depot. Unfortunately, I’m not one of them. A tool in my hand is a dangerous weapon. I promise you that I will do more harm than good whenever I  try to fix something. Instead of a fixer upper, I’m a fixer downer. I destroy things. … Continue reading Handyman Blues

Meditations on Crunchiness

MEDITATIONS ON CRUNCHINESS I love bananas, and Peru has a number of varieties that were new to me. Taking advantage of the situation, I’ve tried every type of banana I have come across. In doing so, I have found that there are lots of distinctive tastes in the banana family, but I haven’t met one yet that I didn’t like. So, in a short time, I have made a considerable dent in the national banana supply while I’ve been living in Peru. However, since we humans are fickle, my loyalty has recently waivered and my current favorite  fruit is the … Continue reading Meditations on Crunchiness