One Dog’s Life in Peru

Dear Reader, the other day I went to check my email and found this letter on my computer. I thought you might be interested. Larry Hi Cousin, Thanks for the letter. Isn’t this dog internet great? My brother Falcor and I think that you have a perfect life on the farm, chasing sheep, and even catching a rabbit once in a while. Yum. Barking at the moon at night also seems like great fun.  In comparison, life in Barranco seems quite dull. (note from Larry: Barranco is the District of Lima, Peru, where we live) The best we can do … Continue reading One Dog’s Life in Peru

The B.V. Group

The Bodega Verde group has been going for some years, perhaps five or six, I can’t remember exactly. I refer to it as the expatriate therapy group because talking with friends makes us feel better.  I believe that is why members come from all over Lima.  We are a bunch of old guys who get together once a week to talk, not to complain, but to share our experiences, get information, and enjoy the atmosphere. It is voluntary, and no one exerts any kind of organization. We just show up around the appointed time. Politics isn’t a topic because we … Continue reading The B.V. Group