One Dog’s Life in Peru

Dear Reader, the other day I went to check my email and found this letter on my computer. I thought you might be interested. Larry Hi Cousin, Thanks for the letter. Isn’t this dog internet great? My brother Falcor and I think that you have a perfect life on the farm, chasing sheep, and even catching a rabbit once in a while. Yum. Barking at the moon at night also seems like great fun.  In comparison, life in Barranco seems quite dull. (note from Larry: Barranco is the District of Lima, Peru, where we live) The best we can do … Continue reading One Dog’s Life in Peru

The Touch

My dog and I were walking the streets of Barranco , district of Lima, Peru, as usual. A woman with a young child approached from the opposite direction.  The little girl  hid behind her mother’s skirts. She wanted to pet the big dog, but was a little scared. Her mother encouraged her ( in Spanish, of course). “Go ahead. It is OK. He is very gentle.” Falcor, my dog, seemed to understand. He approached the little girl and nuzzled her softly. At first she backed away. Finally , she reached out   and stroked the soft fur of my dog. … Continue reading The Touch