I’ll Never Walk Alone

The little girl, five years old, walked up to me. She could see that I was having difficulty walking. An old injury had flared up and I needed to use a cane to get around. It was difficult and painful for me to walk and she noticed.  “I’ll help you,” she said to me. She grabbed my hand and we proceeded to walk down the street. All the while she was also engaging me in conversation. Maybe she wanted  to take my mind off the pain of walking. Then her six year old brother came up and took over until … Continue reading I’ll Never Walk Alone

To Be Foreign

I won’t pretend to be an expert on being a foreigner. That is a very personal experience. I also wouldn’t want to give the impression that I know how anybody else feels. However, I have been a foreigner for much of my life and in a number of countries. So I know a little about myself being a foreigner. Unlike others who find themselves refugees from climate change or political unrest, I am a voluntary foreigner. We are called expatriates.  First and foremost, to me being a foreigner means freedom. Staying in one culture all your life means restricting yourself … Continue reading To Be Foreign

The Touch

My dog and I were walking the streets of Barranco , district of Lima, Peru, as usual. A woman with a young child approached from the opposite direction.  The little girl  hid behind her mother’s skirts. She wanted to pet the big dog, but was a little scared. Her mother encouraged her ( in Spanish, of course). “Go ahead. It is OK. He is very gentle.” Falcor, my dog, seemed to understand. He approached the little girl and nuzzled her softly. At first she backed away. Finally , she reached out   and stroked the soft fur of my dog. … Continue reading The Touch